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Ministry of labour and social policy will stimulate financially the social entrepreneurship

4 April 2016

Ministry of labour and social policy will stimulate financially the social entrepreneurship

"The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) believes that the development of social economy needs support. We are now working on texts of Bill for social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we work on very specific measures which can finance specific social projects. The successful functioning of social entrepreneurship will increase employment and social inclusion of people with disabilities on the labor market.“, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivaylo Kalfin, who officially opened the 5th European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

During his speech he stressed further that MLSP aims at successful implementation of the agreed two-year Action plan 2016-2017, which outlines the main priorities and measures in order to be encouraged the sector of social economy and increased the visibility of social enterprises.

"What we have achieved so far gives us confidence that Bulgaria has its own perspectives and clear priorities in this area. MLSP is open to any ideas, so that the social economy and the integration of people with disabilities for socialization and fulfilled life, to be successful policy of the government of the Republic of Bulgaria," ended minister Kalfin.

 * European Fair of Enterprises and Cooperatives in Social Economy gathers companies and organizations of people with disabilities which can show to the visitors the results of their business and social initiatives. This is an unique exhibition in Europe. More than 100 social enterprises from over 16 countries will participate in the fair this year.

 Within the fair will be held seminars and round tables on topical issues in which everyone can participate. The forum is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors.