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International Workshop on "Prospects for the Development of Social Economy in Bulgaria"

19 April 2011

An international workshop on "Prospects for the Development of Social Economy in Bulgaria" was held at the Centre for Human Resource Development and Regional Initiatives (CHRDRI) on 19-th and 20-th of April 2011.

Official guests at the seminar were Mr. Tomlison from the Programme for Businesses, Micro-finance, and Local economic development of the International Labour Organisation's International Training Center (ITC-ILO), representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection - Mrs. Alina Marinoyu and Mrs. Adina Dragotoiu, Mr. Claudio Valerio, a Social economy researcher from Brussels and others.

The meeting was opened by the Director of a Standard of Living and Social Security Directorate of the MLSP, Mr. Veselin Indzhev who greeted the participants on behalf of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Mladenov.

Welcome addresses to the guests and participants gave Mr. Tomlision, Mr. Kiril Nikolov (EC - DG "Enterprise and Industry") and Mrs. Dragotoiu stressing the importance of the meeting towards presenting an outlook for the development of social economy and the need for sharing best practices for social inclusion of vulnerable groups and improvement of their standard of living.

The workshop discussed measures for the specific implementation of a developed draft National Concept for Social economy. The concept specifies real economy processes, ripe to be aggregated into a separate sector of development in the context of policies for social protection and social inclusion.

The international seminar was organized and held with the financial and methodological support of ITC-ILO under a project "Support for the MLSP of Bulgaria for human resources development in South-east Europe."