Social economics

European Economic and Social Committee, Information Memo (new referral)

8 February 2012

Subject: Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on European Social Entrepreneurship Funds.

Ref.: COM(2011) 862 final - 2011/0418 (COD)

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  1. Procedure

Council referral:

20 January 2012

European Parliament referral:


Legal basis:

Article 114 of the TFEU

Committee Bureau decision:

17 January 2012

Section responsible:

Single Market, Production and Consumption

Section president:

Mr Cassidy (UK-I)

Organisation of section work:

1 February 2012

Study Group on


Ms Rondinelli (IT-II)

European Social Entrepreneurship Funds


Ms Rodert (SE-III)


Mr Cabra de Luna (ES-III)
Mr Farrugia (MT-I)
Mr Guerini (IT-III)
Mr Manoliu (RO-I) (Rule 62 - Mr Varfalvi)
Mr Mitov (BG-II)
Mr Polyzogopoulos (EL-II)
Ms Sharma (UK-I) (Rule 62 - Mr Burns)

To the members of the

European Economic and Social Committee


Mr Hahn (for the rapporteur)

  1. Gist of the Commission document

The proposed regulation presented by the Commission lays the foundations for a strong European market for social investment funds.

While they often receive public support, specialised social investment funds are still rare or not large enough. Moreover, cross-border investment in such funds is unnecessarily complicated and expensive.

There are five key elements to the Commission proposal.

  1. Draft timetable




21 March 2012

First study group

Commission document, working document

17 April 2012


Draft opinion

23-24 May 2012

Plenary session

Section opinion