The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and its partners the National Statistical Institute, the Central Cooperative Union and the Agency for Social Assistance implemented a 14-month-long project "Creation of a national database of MLSP for social enterprises in Bulgaria".

The project includes technology for the entry and processing of information for social enterprises through structured forms. The data from the forms are accessible through sections "Social enterprises" and "SE Indicators".

An annual survey of social enterprises in Bulgaria started in 2013. Object of study are all non-financial enterprises and not for profit organizations in the country which were activitie in the reporting year. The main source of information are the annual accounts of non-financial enterprises, regardless of whether they draw up account balance, and annual reports of the not for profit enterprises.

The main purpose of the statistical survey of social enterprises in Bulgaria is to identify companies in the social economy and to provide information on certain indicators of social enterprises. The main results of the study are presented in section "General reports".